WOW – What a Mission and more…



28 Chapter DE members were treated to a very interesting and informative program given by Dr. Lance Saville and son Luke . They shared their experiences in Haiti at the Double Harvest Mission. Lance has been going along with several other Manhattan surgeons for seven years. He has taken each of his children so they can share in the experience. Diane Cable, a Manhattan surgical nurse, was responsible for encouraging the surgeons to donate their time and expertise as well as obtaining many of the donated supplies. They now have three operating rooms at the medical clinic and operate on as many local people as they can in the five days they are there. Lance and Luke showed pictures which gave the members a glimpse into their experiences. All present appreciated the program and dedication Lance and his family have shown in enriching the lives in Haiti. Thank you Saville family.IMG_2021

One of their experiences  was tarantula hunting. The picture shows them holding a real, live tarantula. Yikes!  They both agreed they would not do that again.


Following the business meeting, hostesses Susan, Donna Dee and Ann served delicious cookies. Inger was also a hostess and was unable to attend.


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APRIL 22 – 10:00 – SOCIAL – Yummy donuts & conversation!blog-header-201211

APRIL 23 – 1:00 – BOOK CLUB at Judy Rayl’s












Reciprocity Luncheon

Members of the Manhattan PEO chapters gathered Saturday April 11th at the Sunset Zoological Park.


We were greeted by Miss Peacock and delicious Memosas served by members of the hostess Chapter BD.


The table decorations and décor reflected the theme “Life in a Jar”.

IMG_2005 IMG_2004

The program consisted of three parts. The first was the story of Irena Sendler who was a Holocaust hero and was brought to the attention of the public by two Uniontown, Kansas teens. This story was shared by readings by two KState students and what a wonderful story it was. Irena’s Father had told her when she was a child, “He who changes one person, changes the world entire.” She certainly followed that belief as she rescued many Jewish children from certain death. One of the books written about Irena was called “The Courageous Heart of Irena Sendler” and couldn’t have been more appropriately named! 

Waldemar and Susan Yelich Biniecki with the help of son Daniel presented the second part of the program sharing more details of Irena’s life and how the two Kansas teenagers brought her story to international attention.  


The program ended with a beautiful vocal presentation by the Kansas State Chorale directed by Dr. Julie Yu. It was beautiful ending to a perfect morning!


There were the ladies from Chapter DE who had the privilege of attending this special Reciprocity Luncheon.


Please remember the upcoming Chapter DE meeting this Tuesday April 14th. Lance Saville will begin the afternoon promptly at 1:00 with his program “Enriching Lives in Haiti”. The business meeting and refreshments will follow. Hope to see you Tuesday!

Another WOW Chapter DE meeting coming soon….



Please join hostess Susan Saville and co-hostesses Donna Dee Chastain, Inger Olsen, and Ann Vaughan on Tuesday April 14th at 1:00 p.m.  Dr. Lance Saville, BIL, will be sharing the program “Enriching Lives in Haiti”. Donna Dee will be the program chair person.

Please note that Lance’s program will begin promptly at 1:00, followed by the business meeting and ending in refreshments! Hope to see you there!

In the meantime, if you paid your $20 to Carol, be sure and remember the Reciprocity Luncheon on April 11th from 9;30-11:30 at the Sunset Zoo meeting room. Waldemar and Susan Yelich Biniecki will discuss, “Life in a Jar: The Irena Sendler Project,” based on the true story of Irena Sendler, A Holocaust hero, and the Kansas teens who “rescued the rescuer”.

MayBdayHappy APRIL birthday to Jeanne Schafer, Carole Fager, Bev Azer, Sharon Coffman and Elizabeth Fiser Gaume!.

WOW – Getting to know our Sister!


The Chapter DE meeting today was at Carol  Dodderidge’s home with Barbara Oard and Maureen Thien as co-hostesses.


There were 28 members were in attendance.

Installation of officers. Judy Rayl, vice pres., Maureen Thien recording secretary, Corresponding secretary, Norma Cline, Guard, Kathie Gathers, Chaplain Chris Gathers. Sharon Kriss was installed at an earlier meeting as President.


Next membership get together will be on April 22 nd at Varsity Donuts at 10 am. 

Book Club will meet at Chris and Kathie Gathers on the 26th of March.  They will be reviewing Mrs. Lincoln’s Dressmaker.

Carol Warden gave the auditing report and said that we have 74 active members in Chapter DE.


Reciprocity Brunch is April 11th at the Sunset Zoo meeting room.  Cost is $20.  Time 9:30-11:30.  Please let Carol Dodderidge know within the next week if you can go.



Robba Moran gave a wonderful program on Getting to Know You.  She grew up in Independence Missouri.  Robba graduated from high school at 16 and William Jewell College at age 20′. She then went to Duke Law School.  She described what it was like to live the political life as a wife while having a family.  Jerry and she have two daughters.  Robba started piano lessons when she was 5 and has made music a big part of her life.  When she turned 16, her dad ask her if she wanted a car or a piano and she chose a piano. Thank you, Robba, for sharing your life with your sisters.

WOW – Online Education by Lynda Spire



31 members gathered at Rockridge Court Clubhouse with Betsy Young serving as hostess assisted by Megan Weber and Garalyn Connery. A delicious cherry cobbler was enjoyed by all.


Sharon Coffman then introduce her friend Lynda Spire who is the Assistant Dean of the KSU Global Campus. Lynda shared many interesting details about the fastest growing segment of education. – online education. KSU started their first online courses in 1996 and has a good reputation nation wide. Student outcomes have been tested and it has been proven that these outcomes have been the same or better than the traditional classroom.


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Prior to the meeting a Memorial Service was held for Vivian Fiser Ballard.

The highlight of the business meeting was Marilyn’s President’s letter in which she reviewed the 2014-015 year. Marilyn’s letter fit the year’s theme as it was a WOW letter! Thank you, Marilyn, for your year as Chapter DE President.

Sharon Kriss was installed as the new 2015-2016 DE President. Her installation was early as she will be gone for the official installation on March 10th.


BOOK CLUB will meet at Joyce Whitson’s home at 1:00 this Thursday February 26th. They will be reviewing THE NOTICER by Andy Andrews.

Be sure and remember the social luncheon to be held Tuesday March 3rd at 11:30 at Colbert Hills.

Reciprocity Luncheon will be held April 11 at the Sunset Zoo from 9:30-11:00 a.m. The cost will be $20.00 per person.

The next meeting will be March 10th at the home of Carol Dodderidge on 3101 Harahey Ridge with Maureen Thien and Barbara Oard assisting. The program will be “WOW – Getting to Know our Sister – Robba Moran”















































February is the LOVE month and we LOVE Chapter DE!


“WOW – Online Education!”

Opening Doors to Success for Women

Program by Lynda Spire, Assistant Dean of the KSU Global Campus

Prior to the program at 1:00 Megan Weber and Garalyn Connery will assist hostess Betsy Young with February treats.  Please gather at the Rockridge Court Clubhouse at the end of Rockridge Court.

Following the program will be the business meeting featuring the President’s Letter by Marilyn Galle.

Hope to see everyone there! In the meantime, try and stay warm…brrrrrrrrrr!