DE sisters get a glimpse of Galles on Safari

38 Chapter DE sisters gathered at Marilyn Galle’s beautiful home and enjoyed delicious cookies provided by Kathie Gathers and Angie Fryer.


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The Membership Committee announced a Coffee Social to be held Tuesday the 17th at 9:30 at Radina’s on Claflin. Mark you calendars

Book Club will be held on December 3rd at 1:00 at Glenna’s home. They will be reviewing the book THE WHOLE TRUTH by Nancy Piccard. This author is from KC and an acquaintance of our very own author Nancy Kopp.

Game day with Chapter GU will be held January 20th at Angie’s at 1:30. Angie reported the group that attended the last Game day had a very enjoyable time.

Karen Franz read the report from International Convention. Our delegate was Rebecca Rose who has a meeting on the same day as ours so she chose to let Karen share her reflections.

Our thoughts and prayers are extended to Jean Oberhelman, Barbara Withee, Carole and Lee Fager, Jan and Jack Riley, and Ginger & Dave Denning as they face various health issues.

WELCOME to our newest member Polly Pope! Polly’s address is 915 Connecticut Ave, phone is 979-324-4959 and email is

Farewell to our snow birds Carolyn McKain and Debbie Fair. We wish you a wonderful winter. Know you will be missed and we will look forward to seeing you in the spring.

Marilyn presented a very interesting and entertaining video and program about their April trip to Africa. Thank you Marilyn!


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The next Chapter DE meeting will be held at the First United Methodist Church Sanctuary on December 8th at 1:00. We will join with sisters from other chapters as we are entertained by the Spirit Ringers of the FUMC. Several of our Chapter DE sisters will be performing with the group – Carol Dodderidge, Jeanne Schafer and Sharon Kriss. Don’t miss it!


Team Travels: Africa – The Galles on Safari


Please gather November 10th at 1:00 p.m. at Marilyn Galle’s home with Kathie Gathers and Angie Fryer acting as co-hostesses.

Plan to arrive at 1:00 for some delicious treats, followed by the business meeting. During the business meeting we will hear the International Convention report read by Karen Franz. 

The day will conclude with the best treat of all….”The Galles on Safari” presented by Marilyn. We will look forward to hearing all about their exciting trip to Africa.imagesHAPPY BIRTHDAY TO our November birthday gals – Verina Weis, Mary Vestweber, Susan Saville, Alice Armbrust, Joyce Bixby, Ann Vaughan, Jean Oberhelman, Sally Shields, Barbara Withee, and Coralie Boatman.  



Shake It Off Campaign

Arlene and Dennis Irvin have a unique endeavor they would like all of Chapter DE to know about. It’s called the “Shake It Off” Campaign. Arlene & Dennis’s daughter Maggie was one of the mothers responsible for starting this campaign to  shake off prejudice and create awareness for Cerebral Palsy and other motor disabilities.

Maggie is a Manhattan High School graduate in the class of 1996 and K-State graduate, class of 2001.  Guillaume was in the K-State master’s graduate class of 2000.  Isn’t this just a beautiful picture of granddaughter Emma and her Dad Guillaume? How can one possibly not Shake If Off and harbor no prejudice for these little ones?


Maggie and her friend Christine were two mothers facing the daily difficulties related to the disability of their children. They decided to take action and launch a campaign to create awareness and educate a wider public audience about the lives of people with motor disabilities. Their aim is simple; to offer a different perspective – that those individuals with disabilities can enjoy a life that is joyful, positive and coloured. Watch for Maggie at the start of the video but here’s a beautiful picture of her to wet your appetite for the video.


Please check out this video and watch Emma, Maggie and Guillaume “Shake It Off” with their many friends to Taylor Swift’s song of the same name.  

If you are on Facebook, please check out their Facebook page and ‘Like’ it. That address is Facebook/shakeitoff4cp.

Below is the press release about the Shake It Off movement. As you may note, the actual campaign was kicked off earlier this month on Cerebral Palsy Day October 7th, but there is information about how you can support this effort on the web site as well as below.

TO MAKE A DONATION please go to:


“Shake it off – The move that moves prejudices” #shakeitoff4cpIn honour of World Cerebral Palsy Day on October 7, the Handi-Capable Association in Lausanne, Switzerland partnered with the Cerebral Association, is launching the campaign #shakeitoff4cp to shake off prejudice and create awareness of motor disabilities. Be part of it and take up the challenge by creating your own video and post using #shakeitoff4cp, or pass by the mini “shake it off” studio on Saturday, October 10 at Place Saint-Laurent in Lausanne.

Initiated by two mothers facing the daily difficulties related to the disability of their children, Christine Luetscher Rochat and Maggie Goudy decided to take action and launch a campaign to create awareness and educate a wider public audience about the lives of people with motor disabilities. Their aim is simple; to offer a different perspective – that those individuals with disabilities can enjoy a life that is joyful, positive and coloured.

Both women wanted to build a campaign with colour and personality to boost awareness and build engagement between the Handi-Capable Association and the general public. They wanted to be creative and nimble in their approach to get their message out to a wider audience. Therefore, stepping away from the traditional route, they have launched a viral campaign to go live on various social media channels. The potential is limitless, since the offer is there for other individuals and charities to express their own interpretation of the song through events, social media and in print.

With the help of a skilled production team and the director Geoffroy Dubreuil in Lausanne and Charles Shearn in London, mothers Christine Luetscher Rochat and Maggie Goudy took the hit single ‘Shake It Off’ by Taylor Swift and cleverly re-imagined it. The new version features a series of clips of parents and their children with and without disabilities. The challenge features cameos from actor Jack Ashton (‘Call the Midwife’), model and charity campaigner Princess Tamara Czartoryska, British cricketer and model Nick Compton and HRH The Duke of Kent’s granddaughter Lady Marina Windsor. Other celebrities are also lending their support.

“‘Shake It Off’ is one of those catchy pop songs which also has the ability to get a message across”, says Maggie Goudy. “The song is about being judged by people who don’t understand you as a person and the anxiety it can cause. Rather than feeling marginalized by society, Taylor Swift brushes off stereotypes and ‘shakes it off’’.

Maggie continues, “We chose this particular song since it can encourage shaking off the stigma associated with motor disabilities. We at the Handi-Capable Association want to eliminate prejudice and educate the general public that people with cerebral palsy and other such disabilities can lead a normal active life with the right care, support and awareness.”

Not content with their own reworking, the Handi-Capable Association is launching a challenge; offering others to take to the floor and post/upload their own versions of the video and ‘shake it off’. The objective is to allow a greater number of people not directly involved with disabilities to participate spontaneously, intensely and palpably. On Saturday October 10, at the Place Saint-Laurent in Lausanne the ‘Shake it Off’ team will have a mini studio were passersby are invited to “shake it off” on the spot, filmed in slow motion, they can “post” their videos on their social networks and be part of the campaign!

“The Handi-Capable Association is all about making a statement, to make people sit up and react and take action”, says Christine Luetscher Rochat. “Cerebral Palsy is a disability which is very close to home. I see the struggles other parents have and the support they need. We hope that the ‘shake it off’ campaign can make a difference to many peoples’ lives”.

Contacts: Christine Luetscher Rochat +41 78 720 60 94  & Maggie Goudy +41 76 414 88 98,


“Shake it off with us!” 

“Prejudices generate misunderstandings. The “Shake It Off 4 CP” challenge ‘shakes off’ our prejudices against those with disabilities, overcomes our preconceived ideas, and encourages us to transform looks into interactions.

Anyone willing to take a fresh look at disability can shake and make the campaign a participatory and collective event. They can post their videos on the campaign’s social media and challenge other participants to mobilize for people with cerebral palsy.

Photographs taken during the Swiss video filming by Zuzanna Adamczewska-Bolle were used for a poster campaign that will be launched in the Lausanne public transport and on social media. The posters will summarize the campaign slogan and refer people to the video clip posted on YouTube.

Prejudice is a wider issue that affects all types of disabilities. The campaign can be used to involve other associations who also want to use the concept and shake it off as well.

“Shake it off with us!”



Lovely fall day with Chapter DE sisters….

What a lovely day it was to spend an afternoon with sisters at Julie’s beautiful home on the lake. Thirty members and one guest enjoyed delicious cupcakes, nuts and drinks courtesy of Marcie and Megan! Thank you to you three!


IMG_4319 IMG_4320 IMG_4321 IMG_4322

Nancy Kopp gave the Project report during the business meeting and shared with members information about our two Kansas Projects -Sunflower Grants and the Kansas Cottey Scholarships.

Members shared care and concern for Ellie Brent, Carole & Lee Fager, and Jan & Jack Riley. Our thoughts, prayers and cards would be appreciated.

Book Club will meet at 1:00 Thursday October 22nd at Cinda’s home. They will be discussing Cheryl Strayed’s book WILD. All are welcome.

October 21st there will be a Game Day with Chapter GU at 1:00. The home will be announced later this week.

Judy Rayl reminded us of an exciting opportunity to occur Thursday Oct. 15th.  The International Projects Night will be streamed live from the Convention of International Chapter in Indianapolis, Ind. Live streaming will begin about 7:45 p.m. For more information, go to the Convention of International Chapter link at Judy encouraged everyone to check this out as it would be well worth the time spent.


The highlight of the afternoon was the program presented by Karen Hibbard of Chapter BD. Karen is the Director of the Manhattan Convention and Visitors Bureau. One can tell by the above picture the enthusiasm Karen has for her job and our community. Karen came to Manhattan in 1978 and worked for the Chamber of Commerce when there were only five employees. After other life endeavors, she returned in 1997 and has seen many changes and much growth. She shared many interesting facts and figures with us, some of these being…

*Manhattan now has fifteen hotels with 1450 rooms available. They have an occupancy of 60% during the week and well over 90% on game week-ends.

*In 2013 leisure tourism brought in $123 million to Manhattan.

*One of the goals is to attract tourism for sports in particular youth sports ( This does not include the great job K-State does on it’s own). Last year there were 55 groups coming to Manhattan with an economic impact of $3 million. The Country Stampede impacts the community with $10 million each of the 21 years they have been coming to our community.

*The CVB wishes to provide an understanding of what they do as well as develop strategies for the future. They want to know who is coming to visit Manhattan, why, and what they think of our community and what could be done to improve services.

Karen concluded with many of the fun attractions Manhattan has to offer visitors and answered questions from the group. What a great program it was and it’s always wonderful to hear and learn about what makes our town live up to the name it’s often called…Manhappiness.

Chapter DE’s next meeting will be November 10, 1:00 at Marilyn Galle’s home. The co-hostesses will be Kathie Gathers and Angie Fryer. The program will be given by Marilyn as she tells about “The Galles on Safari”.






























TEAM MANHATTAN: CVB Our Growing Community


Please join your Chapter DE sisters at Julie Weigel’s home on October 13th at 1:00 p.m.

Robba Moran and Marcie Lechtenberg will serve as co-hostesses and serve treats right at 1:00.

This will be followed by our business meeting which will include a memorial service for Marilyn Smith and a P.E.O. Project Moment.

Karen Hibbard of Chapter BD will present the program following the business meeting. Karen is the Director of the Manhattan Convention & Visitors Bureau.

Hope to see everyone on this beautiful fall day in Manhappiness!


Happy birthday to Nancy Walker, Jan Riley, and Glenna West!

Coach Bruce Weber talks about “Our Team – K-State”

What a wonderful treat for the 36 members of Chapter who attended the meeting at Sandy Barth’s on Tuesday September 8th. Megan Weber introduced her special BIL who as all K-Staters know is the KSU mens’ basketball coach.


Coach Weber gave a very inspirational talk about how to build a team whether for basketball or P.E.O. Some of Coach’s points will be highlighted here – Have a VISION, be a champion today, FAMILY, truly a KState goal, TRUST, treat all as individuals, listen to them, no one is better than the people around you, everyone is important, put your ego in the ego box and work as a team, SHARE, ‘share the juices’, don’t take more than your share and always share with your teammates, everyone will then know their ROLE on the team, always have positive energy, and REWARD every single person at the end. One of Coach’s quotes that was a crowd favorite….Would you rather be Tiger or Eyore? Coach Weber definitely gave all those in attendance something to think about as far as team work. We didn’t learn Xs and Os, but how to be a better person, strive for higher goals, and work with all the people around us to build a stronger team whether that team is family, sports or P.E.O. Thank you Coach Weber!

IMG_3951 IMG_3956 IMG_3958 IMG_3961 IMG_3964 IMG_3966 IMG_3968 IMG_3969

The Many Face of BIL Coach Bruce Weber!

Chapter DE’s business meeting followed.

Book Club will be meeting September 24th from 1-3 at Ginger’s home. They will be reading and discussing, Jane Smiley’s “the All-True Travels and Adventures of Lidie Newton.”

Please keep Carole and Lee Fager, Jan and Jack Riley and Sue Grieg in your thoughts and prayers as they face health issues, some personally and some as care givers.

Sandy Barth, Megan Weber and Cinda Vogel then treated DE members to delicious purple treats. Thank you all! Several were asking for the recipes so those will soon be posted in the Recipes section of the blog.


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