To all our P.E.O. sisters….a great video! (Editorial comment: Of course, at the end they want you to share it with others and that is definitely NOT required, just thought it was a good thought for all the “sisters” in our lives. SK)


DElightful DEs visit the new Children’s Library

IMG_5199It was has been said that pictures are worth a thousand words and these pictures taken today demonstrate that perfectly. 37 DE’s and one guest enjoyed their day in the Manhattan Children’s Library. Verina and Chris served cookies as everyone gathered, the business meeting followed and the day ended with a fun tour with Jenny Bergen, the children’s services manager, as our tour guide.


Jenny Bergen


What a FUN day and “It Took a Team”

Welcome to our guest Carla Bowman!

Two of our members have changed their addresses so please update your yearbook to reflect these changes. Phone numbers and email will remain the same.

Nancy Kopp, 1212 Meadowlark Circle, 66502

Verina Weis, 1008 Oaktree Pl, 66503

Book Club will meet at Judy Rayl’s home on January 28th from 1:00- 3:00. They will be reviewing the book, “End of your Life Book Club” by Will Schwalbe.

Game Day with DE and GU sisters will be January 20th at Angie’s home from 1:30-3:30. Please respond to the evite if you plan to attend.


It Took a Team – A tour of the new children’s library


It’s 2016 and time for Chapter DE sisters to gather at the Manhattan Public Library on Tuesday January 12th at 1:00. Jenny Bergen, the Children’s Services Manager, will treat us to a tour of the new Children’s library.  Verina Weis and Chris Gathers will serve as hostesses and Chris Gathers will give a short P.E.O. Project Moment. Please bring any used books you would like to donate to the Library for the upcoming Library sale.


Happy January birthday to Marilyn Galle, Norma Cline, Ginger Denning, Marilyn Smith, Cinda Vogel, Debbie Fair, Gladys Ulrich, Karen Ryan, and Ellie Brent

and HAPPY NEW YEAR to all Chapter DE sisters!

Hope to see you next Tuesday at the Library.


DElightful Music, conversation and fun

38 Chapter DE members along with many other sisters in other Manhattan Chapters enjoyed a DElightful program by the bell choir “Spirit Ringers’ directed by Kathy Leonard.


Maureen Thien and Nancy Kopp joined other co-hostesses from the other chapters in serving delicious treats for all to share while enjoying conversation with our sisters.

IMG_4813 IMG_4814 IMG_4815 IMG_4816 IMG_4817 IMG_4818 IMG_4819 IMG_4820 IMG_4821 IMG_4822

The Chapter DE business meeting followed and then all 38 members gathered for a group picture!




Embracing the Music of Christmas with Our Sisters


It’s the Christmas season and what better way to spend an afternoon than with your sisters from other Chapters. Even better, is being entertained by the bell choir ‘Spirit Ringers’ directed by Kathy Leonard. Remember that Chapter DE has three ringers in this group – Carol Dodderidge, Jeanne Schafer, and Sharon Kriss. Helping with refreshments will be Maureen Thien and Nancy Kopp. A short business meeting will follow the program and refreshments.

Hope to see everyone next Tuesday December 8th at 1:00 at the Methodist Church.



Patricia Gwaltney, Karen Franz, Cindy Artzer, Sandy Barth, Shirley Posler, Arlene Irvin, Jane Scoville, Carol Warden, Twila Bailie and Angie Fryer.

DE sisters get a glimpse of Galles on Safari

38 Chapter DE sisters gathered at Marilyn Galle’s beautiful home and enjoyed delicious cookies provided by Kathie Gathers and Angie Fryer.


 IMG_4607IMG_4610 IMG_4612 IMG_4613 IMG_4614 IMG_4615 IMG_4617 IMG_4618

The Membership Committee announced a Coffee Social to be held Tuesday the 17th at 9:30 at Radina’s on Claflin. Mark you calendars

Book Club will be held on December 3rd at 1:00 at Glenna’s home. They will be reviewing the book THE WHOLE TRUTH by Nancy Piccard. This author is from KC and an acquaintance of our very own author Nancy Kopp.

Game day with Chapter GU will be held January 20th at Angie’s at 1:30. Angie reported the group that attended the last Game day had a very enjoyable time.

Karen Franz read the report from International Convention. Our delegate was Rebecca Rose who has a meeting on the same day as ours so she chose to let Karen share her reflections.

Our thoughts and prayers are extended to Jean Oberhelman, Barbara Withee, Carole and Lee Fager, Jan and Jack Riley, and Ginger & Dave Denning as they face various health issues.

WELCOME to our newest member Polly Pope! Polly’s address is 915 Connecticut Ave, phone is 979-324-4959 and email is

Farewell to our snow birds Carolyn McKain and Debbie Fair. We wish you a wonderful winter. Know you will be missed and we will look forward to seeing you in the spring.

Marilyn presented a very interesting and entertaining video and program about their April trip to Africa. Thank you Marilyn!


 IMG_4620 IMG_4621

The next Chapter DE meeting will be held at the First United Methodist Church Sanctuary on December 8th at 1:00. We will join with sisters from other chapters as we are entertained by the Spirit Ringers of the FUMC. Several of our Chapter DE sisters will be performing with the group – Carol Dodderidge, Jeanne Schafer and Sharon Kriss. Don’t miss it!